Gypsum board is also known as the drywall or plasterboard It is a building material used for walls and ceilings. It is made of a gypsum core sandwiched between two sheets of paper, and is known for its fire resistance, sound insulation properties, and ease of installation. It is commonly used in residential and commercial construction due to its practical applications and various uses.

What Are the Different Types of Gypsum Boards?

Regular Gypsum Boards
– Regular gypsum boards, also known as drywall, are the most commonly used type. They are composed of a gypsum core encased in a thick paper on both sides. These boards are lightweight, easy to install, and offer excellent sound insulation properties. Regular gypsum boards are widely used for creating interior walls and ceilings in residential and commercial buildings.
Fire & Moisture Resistant Boards – Fire and moisture resistant gypsum boards are engineered to provide enhanced protection against both fire and moisture. They contain additives that improve their resistance to moisture and fire, making them suitable for areas that require additional safety measures, as required by the building requirements.

Acoustic Boards – Acoustic gypsum boards are specifically designed to absorb sound, making them ideal for creating soundproof spaces. They feature a dense core and additional sound-damping layers, which reduce noise transmission and improve the acoustic performance of a room. Acoustic boards are commonly used in theaters, recording studios, conference rooms, and home theaters.
Impact Resistant Boards – Impact-resistant gypsum boards are engineered to withstand physical impact and abuse. They have a reinforced core that enhances their durability, making them highly suitable for high-traffic areas prone to damage, such as hallways, schools, hospitals, and public buildings. These boards help maintain the structural integrity of the walls and reduce maintenance costs.
Shaft Boards– Shaft Board has a pure, high-density gypsum core with special additives for superior moisture and fire resistance. It is the ideal product for fire-resistance requirements in areas such as lifts, stairwells, service shafts and other fire-resistant applications.
Glass Mat Sheathing Boards – Glass mat sheathing boards are gypsum boards reinforced with fiberglass mats on both sides. These boards offer excellent resistance to moisture, mold, and impact. They are commonly used as exterior sheathing in buildings to provide a protective layer and improve the overall structural integrity.

What are the Different Applications of Gypsum Boards?

Gypsum Board Partitioning – Gypsum boards are widely used for partitioning spaces in residential and commercial buildings. They offer flexibility in design, easy installation, and sound insulation properties, making them ideal for creating separate rooms and divisions within a larger space.

Ceilings and Wall Coverings – Gypsum boards are commonly used to create ceilings and wall coverings. They provide a smooth, uniform surface that can be painted or decorated according to the desired aesthetics. Gypsum boards offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for achieving visually appealing interiors.

Easy to Install – The gypsum products are very easy to install and do not require skilled labor for their installation. The installation process is easy, clean, and fast.

Gypsum can be used as a final coat – The plaster done with the help of gypsum does not require paint, it can be used as a final finish. It gives an attractive white finish to the surface of the wall.

It helps to balance the indoor atmospheric conditions – The Gypsum has the property of balancing the indoor temperature and humidity of the building. The Gypsum is an environmentally friendly building material that provides high thermal and acoustic insulation.

A variety of Gypsum products are available in the market – There are various gypsum products which are available in the market which meet several aesthetical requirements.

The Gypsum board possesses various properties due to which it is one of the best building materials used in the interior designing of the building. You can use gypsum products for various types of construction works as per your requirements.