Garden Hand Shovel Tools

Prominent Gardening tools supplier in UAE

Gardening is one of the beautiful activities to pass time. Gardening includes planting, tending and regular care for each plant. It is really interesting to spend time with the nature and many people feel refreshed to do gardening. Gardening teaches a lot of principles in life. Gardening is not a one day task as it includes different sorts of works hence the person that tends the garden spends quality time in gardening every day. The aroma of the soil, the freshness of the water and the innocence of the plants, saplings and the flowers will be fantastic to cherish. For many people garden is the best place to have best relaxing tine especially in tending it.

Gardening requires some mandatory tools. Different types of tools are used for gardening such as:

  • Shovels
  • Pruners
  • Trowels
  • Hoes and many other


Shovel is a mandatory gardening tool to dig the soil for planting seeds, and for other purposes. The most useful garden hand shovel is round point shovel which is used to scoop, dig and to carry away the wastes. The shovel that is used to level the ground is called square point shovel. The easy to use handy shovel used mainly for scooping is called trowel.

Leading supplier

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