Import Procurement Services


Alliance comprehensive procurement services has many skilled procurement and contract specialists in Abu Dhabi-UAE. Alliance comprehensive procurement services specialists various business lines around the globe to maximize project profitability for the Client

The team’s capabilities include Facilities Procurement,Material Planning and Control,Purchasing,Shop and Office Expediting,Subcontracting,Supplier Capability , Capacity Assessments,Supplier Performance Measurement,Traffic and Logistics Support and Warehousing. Alliance comprehensive procurement services has developed a regional supplier and contractor base for capital project sourcing requirements on local and global projects. Alliance comprehensive procurement services can provide safe, reliable, and cost effective solutions for goods and services.

Alliance comprehensive procurement services office in Abu Dhabi has access to experienced regional and global supply chain organization experts. This support allows Alliance to leverage Alliance's intellectual supply chain knowledge, global supplier network, procurement experts, spend analytics, and market awareness to identify and develop innovative material and contract management strategies.Procurement Services is dedicated to ensuring that all supplies, materials, equipment and services are procured at the lowest possible cost - cost being defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, and service. Procurement Services is happy to assist with cost control programs and operational support to all areas of campus