Cable Lug, 10mm²

1.80 AED


  • Product: Cable Lug
  • Brand: Prestige
  • Quantity Unit: 1 Piece
  • Size: 10mm²


  • Cable lugs are used where there is a permanent connection and where it is inconvenient to apply a direct connection.
  • The most common use of lugs includes connecting one cable with another cable or connecting more than two cables.
  • The methods of application may vary depending on the usage. Brazing or welding is performed based on the type of lug to be connected.
  • They are designed for terminating and connecting cables. Commonly used in Isolators and other electrical components, where the terminals are studs or nuts and bolts.
  • Cable Lugs mainly use an electrical connector that incorporates a wire crimp connection and a bolted stud hole connection for use in a heavy-duty electrical power or grounding application.
  • Terminals with heavy-duty construction improve high-temperature durability and closed design seals out the moisture, ensuring connection reliability.
  • High-quality flared opening for easy wire insertion.
  • Apart from connecting cables and power lines, it is also used for connecting fuse sockets, load switches & electrical appliances.

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