Coco Brush with Soft Fiber from Coconut Husk-12 Inches

7.00 AED


  • Product: Coco Brush
  • Size: 12 inch
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Quantity Unit: 1 piece


  • Coco Brush natural coconut bristles with a wooden-backed sweeping broom are best suited for cleaning and sweeping light debris and dust.
  •  Convenient cleaning brush for dusting mats, rugs, vehicle seats, couch covers, curtains and other household furniture
  • It likewise helps in cleaning dust and dirt from closets, floor, upholstery, desks, kitchen platform, etc.
  •  Its soft bristles won’t harm your fabric or damage surfaces and tidy dust and dirt in particles in a clean long sweep.
  •  Features strength bristles for soft and hard scrubbing of tile walls, tubs, carpet, concrete floor, etc
  •  Easy for heavy-duty cleaning and in applying force.

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