Metal Wire Cup Brush with Good Quality Carbon Steel – 4.5 Inches

5.00 AED


  • Product: Metal wire Cup Brush
  • Size: 4.5 Inch
  • Color: Silver
  • Brush Material: Steel wire
  • Quantity Unit: 1 Piece


Made with good quality carbon steel that offers a long service life
• The product is produced using metal which enhances durability and strength
• Perfect for eliminating heavy rust, paint, under seal and varnish
• Heavy for Metal Cup Brush, Knotted Wire gives a forceful cleaning performance
• Knotted wire is for heavy-duty cleaning rigorous applications on medium-to-big steel surfaces
• Metal Wire Cup Brush gives an additional coarse surface finish, these brushes are designed for removing rust, scale, paint, and
• other surface preparation. They are made commonly for use with portable power instruments, an angle grinder
• Best for Metal surface preparation, cleaning, removal of rust, and welding scale.

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