Galvanized (GI) lintels 100 MM x 50 MM X 1000 MM

15.00 AED


  • Product: GI Lintel
  • Material: Galvanized Iron
  • Quantity Unit: 1Piece


  • Steel lintels that have been GI Lintel give a combination of strength and lightweight.
  • These GI Lintels combine strength and lightweight, resulting in effective load-bearing performance and greater productivity on site.
  • These GI lintels are mainly used in construction projects to speed up the process.
  • It is critical that it be installed after the preliminary round of masonry load has been applied to the lintel.
  • While propping up the lintel, a horizontal timber plank should be laid along the underside, and the right props fixed in place.
  • GI Lintel should be bedded on mortar and leveled both along its length and width.
  • Point loads should not be applied directly to lintel flanges.

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This Galvanized (GI) lintels are frequently used in construction to speed up construction projects. After the lintel has received the initial phase of masonry load, it is imperative that the lintel be installed. GI Lintels offer a balance of strength and lightness, enhancing load-bearing efficiency and boosting on-site productivity.

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