Heavy Duty Hardwood Shovel With High-Quality Carbon Steel for Longer Life

18.00 AED


  • Product: Heavy Duty Hand Shovel
  • Size: 1.2 Meter
  • Brand: Alliance
  • Handle Material: Wooden Hand


  • Hand Shovel Flat HD is a device for digging, moving, and scooping loose materials like coal, earth, gravel, sand, snow and tarmac areas. Best for digging while planting, taking up plants etc.
  • A strong design won’t break while digging
  • Material Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
  • Can deliver various kinds of tasks connected with the planting, farming and construction with a laser-cut blade
  • Made with great quality carbon steel that offers a life service life
  • Hand Shovel Flat HD 1.2M wooden handle is ergonomic and made with wood from inexhaustible sources
  • Hand Shovel Flat HD Shovel has electrostatic powder painting that offers protection from anti-oxidation and its handle has a varnished finish.

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Heavy Duty Wooden Shovel With High-Quality Carbon Steel for Longer life. The flat Point Long Handle Shovel tool is equipped with a solid shank and forged steel blade for increased strength and rigidity. This industrial-grade shovel is especially designed for professionals looking for an ultra-robust, reliable and efficient tool. Move earth, sand and other materials with the help of this square shovel. It has lightweight D grip wooden handle.

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