Masking Tape, Multi-Purpose Masking Tape, 2 Inches-25 Yard

1.60 AED


  • Product: Masking Tape
  • Colour: Off White
  • Size: 2Inches 25 Yard
  • Material: Crepe Paper
  • Unit: 1Carton


  • Masking tape is resin impregnated crepe paper covered with plastic natural rubber adhesive.
  • Residue free release
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces and is easy to tear.
  • Performs good up to 80 degrees centigrade
  • Economical; Durable; Strong Sticking limit; Superior holding power; Easy compliance to even marginally irregular surface
  • Solid Sticking limit
  • Great holding capacity
  • Simple adherence to even irregular surface
  • Great container packaging and sealing
  • It is utilized basically in painting, to mask off surfaces that you do not wish to paint.


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Masking tape, also called painter’s tape, is a sort of pressure-sensitive tape made of meager and simple to-tear paper, and an effortlessly delivered pressure-sensitive glue. Masking tape utilizes crepe paper as the support material, which is covered with a rubber kind of adhesive. Suitable to various temperatures resistance with cleaner removal. No glue build-up. It is utilized for fixing capacitors, resistors, masking and in the automobile industry during the time of spray-painting.

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