Steel Nail, Carbon Steel Multi-Purpose – 1.5 Inches, Per CRT

90.00 AED


  • Product: Steel Nail
  • Size: 1.5 inches
  • Brand: Alliance
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Unit: 1Carton (1Cartin-120PKT)


  • Material High Carbon Steel
  • Steel Nails are used for practically all securing hard concrete, softwood, or brick, as fasteners in plumbing work and construction electricity.
  • Steel Nail is utilized for securing one or more things to each other. Nails are mostly used to secure bits of wood together, yet they are likewise utilized with drywall, plastic, masonry, and cement.
  • Steel nails are created of steel. utilized on masonry or concrete, are made of especially solidified steel.
  • Steel Nails are generally utilized for extremely hard and rock-solid woodwork. Production of these nails begins with a coil of wire which is fed into a machine that cuts it into prearranged lengths.
  • In stainless steel, the expansion of chromium resists corrosion, however, it can likewise diminish the gripping impact of the nail.
  • Stainless steel nail, in carpentry and construction, is a thin metal shaft that is pointed toward one side and levelled at the other end and is utilized for securing one item to another.
  • Steel Nails are most normally used to fasten pieces of wood together, yet they are likewise utilized with drywall, plastic, concrete and masonry work.

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