ALI Ahli Gypsum Powder, 20KG

8.75 AED


  •  Product: Al Ahli Gypsum Powder
  • Brand: Ali Ahli
  • Proper Safe Packaging
  • Quantity Unit: 1Bag
  • 20Kg Standard


  • Gypsum Powder Al Ahli is delivered with extraordinary size dissemination and physical-chemical properties, as indicated by global standards.
  • Product Micronization makes the last layer of plaster to be leveled and polished.
  • Wonderful adaptability and softness.
  • Extraordinary adhesion and Continuous wash capacity.
  • High flexibility, no cracking and softness because of high purity. final setting time.
  • This sort of gypsum is utilized for the final coating of plastering with a high mesh. What’s more, it is utilized in medication, decorations, sculpture, gypsum board plants and gypsum pre-assembled walls.
  • Gypsum powder is extremely soft and has incredible flexibility.
  • It is excellent fireproof and thus an awesome heat-insulating material.
  • It doesn’t contract while placing. However, it doesn’t break on setting or heating

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